Sunday, 29 January 2012

Totem Animals

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos lately and last night I discovered CharmingPixieFlora and one of her videos caught my attention; finding your totem animal;

And since I've been practising meditation a lot lately I decided to give it a go and find my totem animal. I actually found it really easy to relax and meditate. I've never thought a drum could allow me that. I always imagined it would distract me but it was just perfect. Here is my squibbed note afterwards;

Did you see the part about a Hedgehog? First, please excuse all typos and spelling errors. I'm too concerned with getting the information down before I forget. Well it had me thinking all night and the next morning I was kinda feeling that I'd denied the Hedgehog. Out of the 3 animals only the hedgehog was spontaneous (I had been thinking of owls and panthers a lot lately). At the time I did struggle to move past the hedgehog and I think it was because I wasn't prepared for it to be a hedgehog (how many time can I say hedgehog :). So I tried again this morning and again the hedgehog was the first animal I came across, I asked him again and this time he kinda smiled and scurried off. I followed and found him sitting playing with a panther cub and the owl was standing aloft seemingly watching them. So again 3 animals appeared to me, the same 3 animals.

Is this some indication that I'm confused? What does this mean?

After a little pondering I looked up a hedgehog totem and wow, after the last few weeks it makes so much sense. How could I have dismissed it the first time? I kind of feel awed to be honest.

Hedgehog's Message and Medicine

I need to research totem animals better because I don't really understand that much about them. Will I always have a hedgehog as my totem? Can you have more than 1 at any one time?

Answers to these questions I need to find :)



  1. From my experience, I've had many different Totems or Spirit Animals--and I've had more than one at one time. Currently, there are four, one for each direction, in my life. Though some are lifetime companions. Be sure to not mix up your Totem/Spirit Animals with a Messenger. T/SA are companions whereas Messengers are just visitors. I hope you can really forge a relationship with Hedgehog, and it wouldn't hurt to do the same with Owl and Panther. Identify the specific species. Get to know the Animal more, if you're really stuck on their symbolism, then resort to dictionaries.

    Keeps pictures or figures of them around you to better connect. Blessings and luck to you. :-)

    1. After looking into it the hedgehog coming into my life makes total sense with what's been going on in my life lately, but how do I know if he's a messenger rather than a companion? He seems really playful and really lifts my spirits even when I'm not in a meditated state (when I’m just thinking about him). Since I meditated on Saturday I've not felt as alone :) The Owl seems content to stand back for now and the Panther, which is quite young, plays around my feet as I walk, but they both seem to encourage my friendship with the hedgehog over my relationship with themselves. I can’t explain why I think that. I think it’s the fact that we’re not communicating with each other and it doesn’t feel wrong and there’s no pressure… no expectation. You know? Thank you for your advice :)

    2. Messengers are generally just that. Someone who comes along with a sign--they may stay for a little bit--but generally they're not super friendly towards you. Not like a Totem. I've always been able to tell by the feeling I get from them. I can't really explain it; then again I've been working with Spirit Animals for a long time. For example, Owl could be one, just bringing you the wisdom of your Totems. Helping you into this world.

      OR he could just be standoffish at first.

      It's important to remember that they have their own personalities, and they may not necessarily get along with the others. For example, My Air Totem, Chickadee, is generally off observing from afar....maybe it's bird thing? lol As I explore my relationship with him, he's coming around more. Just takes time.

      You're welcome! I hope you post more about your experiences with them. :-)

    3. Oh, and there have been times when one stands out above the others, each one represents something--something about yourself/lessons you need to learn. So, the push towards Hedgehog might mean that you need to spend more time with Him/Her to learn about yourself. It's a symbiotic relationship, too. You're learning from them and they're learning from you.

      Being closer to one than the others, I don't think is a bad thing. I'm closer to my Fire Totem, the Ram, than I am to any others, as we're the most alike. Thought right now, my Water Totem, Beluga, is standing out.

  2. Not that I have allot of experience, but I would imagine that the number of T/SA you have is a personal thing. I would say, follow your intuition. Let your mind go away, emote with the animals that come to you. You'll just know when you have a connection. As for how long it lasts, however long that animal and you feel it is best, some change all the time, others keep their friendships forever.

    1. Thanks Nikolai. I’m definitely planning on letting my relationship with these animals grow. I’m actually looking forward to spending time with them and to getting to know them better, however long they are in my life :)