Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back to Basics; Meditation

I've been casting a circle every wednesday (although it isn't the best day for some of the things I want to do) since the beginning of January and it's going okay. It's Wednesday because its the only free time I'm getting at the moment I've settled on my wording and the setting up of my altar. However, last week I decided that I really should be starting at the basics; Meditation and Visualisation. They seem to be the corner stone of spell-crafting and circle casting, so I really need to be practising, and so that is what I've been doing.

I've been running a bath every evening, adding a herb blend for purification (I had no muslim so I had to put the herbs in a bath glove and tied the end! Haha Wicca on a shoestring :) and a little essential oil (Juniper). I light my candles and put on my native american music (The World in Our Eyes by J.Reuben Silverbird) which I've decided is my meditate CD because knowing me I'll find it easier to slip into meditation mode if I stick to the same music.

So relaxing. I do the usual relaxation methods (tensing body parts then releasing them etc) then once my mind and body feels peaceful I . The first time I kept trying to concentrate on the candle, then I would close my eyes keeping the candle in my third eye. I really suck! I can do it for a few minutes before my thoughts zoom off 100 miles an hour. I persevering though and I can feel the time getting longer each attempt.

The other night, after a few concentration attempts, I managed to relax and I let my mind take me where ever it wanted to go.

I was at a waterfall in a small clearing. I was stood watching an old native american play a flute. At my shoulder was a small owl and at my feet was a panther. I think it was the music putting images in my head but I went with it. I didn't do anything, nor did the guy. I was just stood there watching.

What struck me afterwards was that I kept the scene in my mind for around 10 minutes. Maybe the music helped, or maybe I can do it longer but I'm just trying too hard :/ or it wasn't that long it just felt it. I don't know. All I can do is keep practising :)

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