Saturday, 3 March 2012

Networking online

Stupid me just jumps into the thick of things and joins too many online networking sites +_+ then get freaked out when weird guys (I guess they're guys... but who the hell knows really) send weird messages. Oh they're easy to ignore, don't get me wrong. It just got me thinking about why I even bother to join these sites in the first place. I do it all the time. I've joined sites that I can't even remember the name of! I'll find a site, try to join only to find I've already joined and obviously not gone back. It's not as if I even like networking (aka making friends). Well. I do, of course I do but I'm rubbish at it and because I'm rubbish it makes it an up hill struggle. That's hard work to me and who likes hard work after a day at work? It just feels like a process to me... unnatural... awkward. I find it's easier when I just click with someone, and that does happen occasionally, luckily for me or I'd have no friends at all. I really struggle with the building bricks that go into creating a relationship. I miss the social cues that everyone else observes and can easily apply. So I get defensive... "I like it on my own... I don't need anybody else... (blah blah blah)" it's like a mantra to me but for the most part it's not even true. I don't like to bother people, and I always think that I am... bothering them I mean, so I hold back. It doesn't help that I'm no great conversationalist with people I don't know... hell, even with people I only half know. Sometimes I think that's worse, when you only half know a person. I don't know where I stand. I don't know the friendship "rules".

But anyway I've gone slightly off topic and gone all melancholy. I blame Adele :)

Solution: To delete all but maybe two of them and concentrate on the ones I feel the most comfortable with, which is just one at the moment. I do like the look of another one, I just don't feel free there yet.

Lesson: To find out all I can about a site before I join. If it's not for me, move on. And repeat