Thursday, 22 December 2011

Blessed Yule to You

A wonderful Winter Solstice and a very Blessed Yule to everyone who may pass here, and unless I find time to blog I shall see you in 2012 :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The First

I had alone time for the first in over 2 weeks yesterday so I had to make the most of it, but I nearly didn't.

I woke around 9am (GMT) my boyfriend and youngest had already left the house leaving my two eldest and myself. I was first up. I went and made myself a cup of tea to drink in bed. So I was sat there in bed drinking my tea internally moaning and complaining that I never had any time to myself.

I realised that right then, right there, right at that moment was the best I was going to get until at least January.

Decision made, I hopped out of bed, grabbed my witchy boxes and set about setting up my alter and casting. I didn't get a ritual bath, I didn't anoint myself, didn't dress in my witchy garb I had all prepared. I didn't even pre-write my words (which I had been kinda practising trying to get them just right), and I didn't put on my special jewellery.

I readied my alter, calmed my mind, called the elements, cast my circle, and called on the goddess. I consecrated a few things and made 2 protection amulets. After a little meditation said thank you and began closing my circle.

It was nothing like I planned. Nothing like it at all. It was in the morning, I made up the words for my callings, I didn't cleanse, didn't dress. I don't even know if I placed everything on my alter in the 'right place'.

Basically, I don't know if I did it right, but it felt right and that's the important bit, right? The words were from my heart and it felt natural. Surely it's better to do 'something' than to do nothing, isn't it?

I'm one of them people that likes/needs everything to be just right. It can be crippling sometimes trying to get everything perfect so it felt good to be spontaneous, liberating almost.

So, so what if I did it wrong, there's always next time. Practise makes perfect so they say.

Afterwards I wrote everything down in my book of shadows and changed a few things here and there, added a few things I didn't do but wished I did.

It felt good, I felt good, but I think that was because I had just gone for it instead of waiting for that 'perfect moment' that never might have been :)

Sunday, 11 December 2011


My eldest was attacked by drunken youths on friday night with no provocation. He's fine, just a few bruises thank the goddess. My middle lad was also set upon while out with friends in Liverpool a few weeks ago by a gang of 7 lads after his phone. Apparently the same group of lads do this every weekend. He had worse injuries but still came off okay, and with his phone I might add :)

Anyone know of a family protection spell or something similar?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stepping out

I stepped briefly out of my broom closet yesterday. I set up a mini alter on my bedside cabinet. I should have been consecrating my tools and new items but I just couldn't get any time to myself at all. Instead of stressing I did something proactive and organised my witchy box and set up my mini alter :) I quickly disguised it but it's there and I'm happy with it.

Alone time is becoming an issue though :/

Sunday, 4 December 2011


I've set up a couple of profiles on various networking sites but I'm undecided if it's the right thing to do at this stage. I think that they might distract me and the amount of information overwhelm me (it kinda already has). I think its best if I just complete the profiles I've started then leave them be for a good few months until I'm at least settled in my own beliefs, and my own way of doing things before getting confused with other people thoughts and beliefs.