Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Promise and Playing Ketchup

Playing Ketchup
I really need to start posting as I go. I always write posts on my phone but I never think to post them straight on blogger, or any other blog right away because I want to add a photo, or I can't remember an author's name or something and then I forget about it until it feels too late to actually post it. It annoys me because then things happen that link in to something I draft posted about and then I do some back peddling and rush to post the posts I should have posted before posting the event that it linked in with... Phew, still with me? So basically I need to stop procrastinating and get posts posted before they're out dated.

A Promise 
The last time I studied Wicca I did so for 9 or so months. I regret that I drifted from the path but ultimately I did and I can't get that time back so I'm putting my best foot forward.

On the 18th January I dedicated myself to Isis, and promised to study my chosen path for a year and a day. After my year and a day I intend to perform another self-dedication ritual where I state that I'm making an informed choice and dedicating myself to that choice. I know most people do it the other way round but doing it this way makes much more sense to me, especially after stepping off the path last time. I'm thankful that I didn't make a dedication at that time as I would have broken it. Not that I ever gave up my religion. No, I've always felt Wiccan, I just stopped practising, but unfortunately I also stopped learning.
I performed a lovely yet simply dedication, and also I performed a Goddess blessing which I felt was appropriate. I felt great afterwards .

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