Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Been a while

Or at least it seems it!

I've been distracted these last few weeks with my Granddad being ill in hospital. It's kinda knocked me out of rhythm.

He's better than he has been. He's been in and out of sedation for the past week and he's due to be moved shortly. It should have been a few days ago but they put it back slightly. I haven't seen him for a week due to minor illnesses within the family. I miss him but I'd never forgive myself if I past anything on to him while he's so ill. I should be going to see him very soon. Hopefully before he gets moved to Liverpool.

I've still been practising the tarot and runes. The tarot coming alone better than the runes. I think its because of my memory. I can associate meaning with the images of the cards, but with the runes it's a only a symbol and a name I can't remember how to pronounce. I have to look it up every time. I know the tarot will take much longer to learn because of the multi layers of meaning and symbolism but I'm just finding them easy at this time. I'm going to keep at them both but not stress about it. I don't expect to learn everything in a blink of an eye. This isn't the Matrix :) travelling this path is life long so I have plenty of time (Goddess bless!).

I've also been continuing with my meditation albeit at a slower pace and less often. It's not been as successful as previous, and I put that down to being knocked out of synch. I really enjoy meditation and experimenting with different approaches so I'm going to step it up again next week. I felt I was getting somewhere but I'm sure it's like riding a bike once my mind gets back on track. I tried in the bath yesterday and I gave up after 10 minutes. Usually 10 minutes was a breeze.

So apart from the tarot, runes and meditation I've not being doing much. Before my Granddads illness I was looking into animal totems; gathering information, asking advice so I still have to write that up for my BoS. I'll also post it here. I was also looking into Kemetic Wicca (or is it Tameran Wicca?) but that'll be a different post.

Goddess bless you all )O(

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