Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tools of the Trade

So, as you've seen I already had me some tools, but I never did manage to find an athame and a few other items. I either bought new or picked them up from nature or flea markets, etc. No matter what I needed I would only have items that felt right to me, and at that time not everything did (I may have bought herbs and oils from ebay from time to time). This time round a friend pointed me in the direction of Pagandreams, a uk based online shop, and I did manage to buy a few things. I'm excited for my parcel :) I just need to consecrate them when they arrive. I'm going to also consecrate all my old items which haven't been used in over 10 years; they certainly need it after all this time. I haven't bought myself any more books. I know there'll be hundreds more available than there were 10 years ago; Amazon wasn't around then (I should check this as I can't actually remember. I just know that if it was I wouldn't have bought my books from a book shop where I had to buy them in person if it had). I bought all my books from Borders, and even that didn't have a great selection. I remember though that the selection/section (it had its own little 3 tier free standing shelf and you could often find me there on my knees) did begin to grow. I couldn't tell you what it would be like today because our Borders closed but I can imagine that the section would have been huge after the Harry Potter and Twilight Films.

My first circle is going to be a long one :)

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